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STRONG Ultrasonic Plastic Welder


ST Series Integrated Ultrasonic Plastic Welder


ST Series Table Type

ST Series Floor Type


MODEL: ST-15/ ST-20

This machine is by means of the high frequency oscillation of the sonic waves to contact directly with the workpieces to be welded to transmit the oscillation and use the pressure to increase the temperatire of the workpieces to reach to melting, then stop oscillation and hold the set pressure to harden the workpieces to achieve the welding effect. The above welding action is very fast, therefore, this method is widely applied in the welding industry.


  1. Equipped with high precision and stable Roller Guide Rails. More stable than ball-screwed or ball bearing guide rails. No risks of deflection or vibration problem during dowm stroke movement. The most suitable unit for welding the non-flat and/or curved surfaces.
  2. Special design of circuits, high output and long service life. It can complete the welding within seconds.
  3. Large stable machine bed, equipped with T-slots easy for fixing the fixture using nuts. The fixture can be fixed and installed within angles of 360°.

Roller Guide Rail
This can be used in plastic welding, plastic riveting, metal embedding, plastic forming, plastic spot welding, fabric seaming and cutting, plastic vibration and cut etc. It is suitable for electronic, automobile manufacture, electic appliances manufacture, toys, stationery, household utensils, packing, textile, food processing etc., industries.
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