Manufacturers of cars or auto parts are increasingly inclined to use plastics because plastics can achieve a certain degree of structural flexibility and reduce the total weight. And thermoplastics help to extend the service life of components and improve the safety of vehicles. Therefore, the ultrasonic welding technology is undoubtedly an important part of the automotive industry and its importance is increasing. The joint of automotive parts must meet the highest welding quality: tightness, firmness, dimensional accuracy, and flawless appearance. Ultrasonic welding provides a fast and economical solution to these complex technical requirements.


Engine compartment

Components in the engine compartment must be sealed to withstand pressure and function, and ultrasonic welding can meet these requirements. For example, filters in chamber must be welded firmly, and has high temperature and low temperature characteristics. In order to reach the temperature characteristics, resistant materials are usually adde; such as glass fiber, minerals, etc., but these special materials are often difficult to joined by using standard hot sealing. Using ultrasonic welding, this is no longer a problem.

Functional components

Ultrasonic welding can ensure that the built-in function of those components is not restricted. All welding parameters and data can be 100% checked and recorded. Such as using membrance as presure balancing element, it can be simuneously cut and sealed rapidly with one shot.

Automobile exterior parts

High strength, sealing and dimensional accuracy, and the appearance of no scratches and indentations are typical requirements. Ultrasonic welding protects the part function and gurantee perfect joints of complex geometries parts.

Automobile interior parts

Ultrasonic technology is not only used to join plastic parts, but also plastic to metal or wood parts; and even chrome parts can also be joined by ultrasonic riveting. Large combination dashboards are part of this demanding welding application. With various types of welding head to achieve precision welding,flawless glossy apprearance and accurate gaps.