In recent years, the requirements of the various components in electronics industry has become more complex and comprehensive; sealing, dimensional accuracy and appearance of the perfect surface is only to achieve the most basic quality standards. To meet these requirements, manufacturers tend to use ultrasonic welding to accomplish these tasks. Ultrasonic welding can reduce production costs and ensure safety of production processes. Thermoplastics can be joined by ultrasonic welding, forming, spot welding, or other methods of bonding.

Ultrasonic welding equipment can be independently operated or integrated into automation production line. , can also be used for automated production environment. Many plastic parts with built-in tiny electronic components, such as micro-switches, it is very suitable for the use of ultrasonic welding. It is also possible to use a variety of ultrasonic welding methods for a product, such as riveting to weld internal circuit boards and general ultrasonic welding to join exterior packages or shells.

High-tech products have the shortest life expectancy, so it is important to optimize the production process and minimize downtime as much as possible; but the quality and can not be declined. In order to overcome these problems, ultrasonic equipment can provide a variety of flexible use.


Sensors & switches

In all areas of automation, optical sensors, inductive and capacitive sensors are widely used. Ultrasonic welding, in addition to the perfect and no-scratch appearance, it also meets the requirements of sealing firmness and function.


For housings of electronics products, the quality and design have a very highly demanded; high strength, good sealing, absolutely accurate size, good appearance, scratch-resistant services, and uniform welded are usually required.

Electrical devices

In addition to the housing and display screen, it is possible to rivet electrical parts.can also be welded and riveted electronic components. Using ultrasonic welding, the energy can be targeted only to the welding area, to ensure that the support walls and the housing are safely joined. There is no stress to sensitive electronic components.

Cables & plugs

Plugs and cable connectors are components required for high quality, often used in electronic equipment, instruments and installation of electrical equipment. The contacts must be correct and firmly in order to ensure the current stability. Use ultrasonic welding for contacts, it is possible to join different materials.