Model: STRONG 3000/ STRONG 4700


  • Stop oscillation at the preset position (Unified height of welded products)

    Ultrasonic oscillation can be stopped when the preset welding depth is reached. This can compensate the difference of injection and so as to raise the quality of welded products.

  • Greater downward force

    Ø80mm air cylinder is adopted. The downward force is greater then table type ultrasonic welder. Workpieces can be clamped more firmly

  • Adjustable speed for downward stroke

    Speed reducing valve is adopted to slow down the speed of downward stroke. Thinner or fragile workpieces can be gently pressed and clamped.

  • Easier retooling and adjusting

    The horizontal adjustment studs enable a precise alignment of the clamping table and fixture. Even the horn is replaced, no more adjustment is needed for horn and fixture.

  • Height adjustment of press is more precise

    With rectangular column and dove-tail rail, this series guarantee high-precision work. Height adjustment is through handweel and the accuracy can be 1mm.


  • Power: 220V x 1Px 50/60 HZ
  • Air Supply: 5~8kg/cm2
  • Stroke adjustable: Max. 200mm
  • Frequency: 15kHz/ 20kHz
  • Generator: STG/ STPG series
  • Dimension: W420 x D730 x H1160~1360mm
  • Weight: 125kg


  • This can be used in plastic welding, plastic riveting, metal embedding, plastic forming, plastic spot welding, fabric seaming and cutting, plastic vibration and cut etc. It is suitable for electronic, automobile manufacture, electic appliances manufacture, toys, stationery, household utensils, packing, textile, food processing etc., industries.