Model: S15-1500


  • The ultrasonic sealing is to seal the tubes with instant oscillation energy, thus it will not damage or affect the chemical composition of the filling materials.
  • This machine is suitable for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics and daily chemicals in the initial production stage or developing stage. The machine has two steps - sealing and tail cutting. PE soft tubes, PE laminated tubes, and Aluminum laminated tubes are suitable.
  • Adjustment of different is quick and easy.


  • Power: 220V±50Hz
  • Air supply: 0.6~0.8MPa,Air Compressor with water filter
  • Speed: 10~15pcs/min
  • Dimension: 560x537x880mm
  • Weight: ca. 50kg


  • Tooth paste, medical paste, make-up creams, face cleaner, glue, shampoo, watercolor, jams, chocolate, instant glues, food additives and biochemical products etc.
  • Tube diameter: φ10 ~ 50mm
  • Tune height: max. 200mm