Model: SC-2AL

This machine is an entry level model, suitable for cutting SQUARE food such as cakes, pies or cheese.Thanks to its compact size, it is flexible to settle in limited workplace. Mainframe is made of stainless, meets hygienic standards. The cut surface is clean and smooth. The time spent on routine cleaning is shorten; about 70%~90% lesser than traditional cutting equipments.


  • Driven by servo motor, the moving speed, distances, angles are precisely controlled.
  • The adopted cutter is made of titanium alloy which meets sanitary standards.
  • Intuitive control panel with touch screen; various cutting formulas can be memorized.
  • Linear guides of Cleanroom class are adopted, meets hygienic standards.


  • Work with Swiss ultrasonic generator and units, service life is longer.
  • Cutting speed is adjustable to meet the structural characteristics of food products.
  • Add clamps to hold the food products while processing.


  • Work area: standard 30x30cm2; Max. 40x40cm2. Effective height: 60mm
  • Range: square food
  • Start buttons are on the front; light curtain is installed
  • Power: 220V x 1Px 50/60 Hz
  • Compressed air: 5~8kg/cm2
  • Dimension: W650 x D880 x H1830mm
  • Weight: ca. 90kg


Cakes, pies, sugar and other square food.