Model: SMW20/ SMW35

Ultrasonic metal welding is based esstinally on high-frequency mechanical to friction overlap the same or different metl materials and to press the welding horn with proper pressure down to the parts making friction on the metal surfaces for welding. No welding additive is required.


  • Work with Swiss ultrasonic generator and units, service life is longer.
  • Stroke is adjustable, scale: 0.01mm
  • Horn and clamping fixture can be costomized.


  • Power: 220V x 1Px 50/60Hz
  • Driven by compressed air, 5~8kg/cm2, 250l/min.
  • Dimension: SMW20 W250 x D680 x H425mm;SMW35 W220x D600x H425mm
  • Weight: ca. 30kg


  • Tab welding of non-ferrous metals, such as copper to aluminum, copper to copper.
  • Welding of cables and wires
  • Welding of wires with various kinds of electrolytic parts, resistors, electronic components, magnetic coils, contact points of switches, contact points of connectors etc.
  • Large size heat extraction fins, heat exchanger fins, cellular conductors etc. of home electrical appliances, automotive parts and accessories.
  • Welding of the contact points of different metals for solenoids, non-fuse switches etc. high voltage components.
  • For water-proof and air-proof metal tube sealing.