Model: SMRW35

This is a special welder designed for welding the solar energy collection plates, base on the ultrasonic metal welding principles, to generate high frequency vibration energy so as to weld the solar energy collection plates (glasses) coated with aluminum together with the aluminum foil. Because the welding method does not use any solder flux, therefore, the resistance of the welding area (joint) is very low, thus it will not generate heat during power loading and/or discharge, so that the service life of the end products can be extended remarkably.


  • Work with Swiss ultrasonic generator and units, service life is longer.
  • Height is adjustable, scale: 0.01mm
  • Simultaneous welding is possible by connecting several modules in series so as to double capacity.
  • Width of disk horn can be customized.


  • Power: 220V x 1Px 50/60Hz
  • Driven by compressed air, 5~8kg/cm2, 250l/min.
  • Dimension: W520x D128x H390mm
  • Weight: ca. 25kg


  • To weld CIGS PV & Aluminum tabs