Model: SHRW35

This unit is especially designed for ultrasonic coating of the base metal (substrate material) by means of the oscillated high frequency energy to coat the metal (indium, molybdenum) into the substrate molybdenum alloy steels. Thanks to the high output of this Ultrasonic Coating System with larger coating area and higher consistency, thus, it can increase your production capacity remarkably and shorten the production time efficiently.


  • Work with Swiss ultrasonic generator and units, service life is longer.
  • A portable ultrasonic welding equipment which can be designed to link with an automatic production line.
  • Ultrasonic output energy is large and stable which gurantees effective and high quality performance of sputtering. Working temperature can be up to 300 °C.
  • Maxinum width is 210mm which greatly raised the capacity.
  • This unit is designed and made of special material to avoid any trouble occurrence due to high temperature.


  • Power: 220V x 1Px 50/60Hz
  • Driven by compressed air, 5~8kg/cm2, 250l/min.
  • Weight: ca. 3.8kg (horn excluded)