Model: STG15/ STPG15/ STG20/ STPG20

Circuit of STG/STPG generator is modular design, with LED display on front panel, it can also be easily repaired by those who are not trained. The generator can generate high voltage electricity and continue to supply power to the oscillator. The components inside the generator control the amplitude to ensure that the oscillating system will not be overloaded. It can be connected to various types of press or actuators.


  • Provided with Circuit Breakers and Error Display Device, easy for maintenance and ideal for application. In case of any failure of an electronic component, the ERROR LED will be lit accompanying with a buzzer sound to notice the operator to check the failure. If necessary, just replace a new fuse of an IC board, the welder can be fixed within minutes
  • Equipped with a Sonic Regulator for easy adjustment of the best ready-to-use condition. An operator can easily adjust the best ready-to-use condition of the ultrasonic welder by means of the Sonic Regulator. If the ultrasonic frequency is not properly adjusted, the output of the welding energy will be insufficient and will lead a failure.
  • Adjustable output level, suitable for multiple plastic materials.


  • Power: 220V x 1Px 50/60 HZ

  • Frequency & Output:
    15kHz 1800/ 2200/ 2800/ 3200/ 3600/ 4200W;
    20kHz 1300/ 1500/ 2000/ 2500W

  • Dimension:
    Standard W411x D606x H201mm;
    Lite W411x D606x H201mm

  • Weight: Standard 8.5kg;Lite(only 20kHz generator) 8.0kg


  • Work with various press and actuators. Widely used in automobile, electronics, textile, packaging, and battery industries.