The horn or Sonotrode is the welding tool which direct contact with the workpiece. Ultrasonic oscilation energy is transmitted from horn to workpieces.The horn must be tuned to the resonant frequency. It is not allowed to connect oscillatio units in different frequencies. Horns are made of titanium; aircraft grade aluminium or harden steel. In order to achieve the best welding effect, the horn must be precisely designed so that it can completely transmit the oscillation energy. In addition to selecting appropriate materials according to product characteristics and special requirements, FEM analysis methods are often used to assist in evaluating the design of horns.

We imported horn testing equipments from Switzerland, which help to assess the quality of horns. Also we have support from HQ and continue to exchange information.


  • We can build various types of horns to meet customers' requirements.
  • We are experienced in producting composite horns for special purposes.