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Strong Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1996, boasts over 30 years of experience in plastic welding, injection, extrusion, wire drawing, and provides a variety of food-processing products and machinery. Also, Strong Ultrasonic Machinery has 25 years of experience as an agent for Swiss ultrasonic machinery. The following sums up competitiveness of the company:

1. Swiss ultrasonic welding machine adopted by Foxconn in mobile phone manufacturing.

2. Solar thin film metal and glass continuous roll-welded aluminum foil protected by patents.

3. Remarkable ultrasonic vibration technology for picking up defective LED wafers.

4. TV and mobile phone panel target material coating that is conducted on an ultrasonic metal soft soldering coating machine and sold to Japanese-owned Sumitomo related companies Sumitomo Technology, German business Heraeus, Swiss Shang Luosang, mainly for use in production of AUO and Wistron TV backplanes , mobile phone panels, as well as evaporation and sputtering.

5. The hose filling and sealing machine is suitable for food, medical, biotechnology, stationery, and toy industries. Thanks to the use of ultrasonic low-temperature sealing, it doesn’t undermine the quality of the filling, and either cause secondary pollution due to high-temperature coking and carbonization. With a genuine round seal that makes for product quality, the machine has been sought-after by producers of toothpaste glue, denture adhesive, IVF pregnancy medical ointment, medical gel, and edible products.

6. The CE-certified ultrasonic cake, food, industrial cutting machine features a knife available in width of up to 72 cm, which allows for high cutting frequency and efficiency.  Worrying about the smaller cutter is the more times it cuts? This machine can be incorporated with robotic arms and conveyor belts for fully automated operation, and allows users to build an automated, unmanned production line with French BFR.

The sandwich conveyor belt continuous ultrasonic cutting machine greatly handles cut vegetables, cheese, eggs, jam, tuna, meat, fruits and tomatoes without causing damages to surface. The equipment is widely adopted by our customers who enjoy stable businesses with such major supermarkets as PXMART and COSTCO.

The conveyor belt can work with a robotic arm while the automatic cutting machine can offer optional blade width of up to 72 cm, which is perfect to cut food a large baking pan. Noteworthy is that the blade is wider than the United States and Japan, so saving cutting time and cutting food with good quality and incredible beauty.

7. The cutting machine adopts dust-free slide rails that are hygienic and safe, and does not drop chips. The operator safety meets the CE requirements of European regulations. The machinery is sold in France, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, the United States, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

8. Swiss and Taiwan-made ultrasonic plastic welding machines are popular with customers for excellent quality of welding, mold making, and automatic automation, and widely used in production of food, clothing, housing, and transportation (vehicles).

9. Ultrasonic metal welding machines are used by manufacturers of lithium batteries, electronic parts manufacturing, wires, switches, and film welding

10. Other ultrasonic applications           




  • Integrated and long-term system planning
  • Competitive hardware and software
  • Effective pre-sales planning and after-sales services
  • Continuous technical supports



Specialized in ultrasonic related applications, we provide customized & integrated services for automation systems in different industries.


In the process of automation production, especially the applications of ultrasonic technology, we provide full range of consulting services. From simple application problems to system optimization, our experience can bring you the best interests.





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