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The requirements for medical components are extremely stringent: in addition to sealing, strength, and cleanliness, stability also plays a vital role in production. Ultrasonic welding has significant advantages in process monitoring, data collection and product traceability.



Membranes & connectors

Whether welding or embedding membranes or thin films are all easily accomplished by ultrasonic welding. This technology achieves high yields while maintaining the function of welded parts; the required sealing and cleanliness are also realized.


Sugery instruments

Housings of electrical components protect the functionality of the sensitive interior parts. For parts with complex contours, such as the handles of surgical instruments, ultrasonic welding can provide an accurate and stable solution of joining the housing parts.


Containers & filters

To maintein the function of welded medical products is very important. With ultrasonic welding, components can be seamless sealed to meet the requirements of medical products, such as blood or analysis programs.


Face masks & medical protection clothing

Masks made by ultrasonic welding are particularly soft and comfortable. Even in high-speed and continuous production, the multi-layer structure can be firmly connected together to achieve excellent breathability. Elastic bands can also be fixed easily.


Pouches & secondary packaging

Whether powder or paste,the seal of packaging is gurantee for medical products. With vibration energy of ultrasonic, the residual materials are driven out of the sealed area.ultrasound can be welded in medical packaging to ensure the sealing, because the ultrasonic vibration can be the product of the residual part of the drive out of the sealed area. Fast and safe welding of functional components by means of ultrasonics is also guranteed, e.g. nozzles on pouches. There is no need of heat sealing layer for ultrasonic welding, low-cost films can be used to cut down production cost.

Wound dressings & bandage materials

Different materials of wound dressings can be laminated or punched by means of ultrasonics and ensure they are still breathable, sterile and soft. Only small energy is introduced during ultrasonic welding and there is not damage to its original absorption capacity and touch.


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