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BETA SERIES Ultrasonic Plastic Welder
Beta 15 / 20


  • Equipped with optical meter. The travel is controlled digitally by optical meter (accuracy 0.01mm). The points of starting and stoping ultrasonic oscillation can be digitally modified. It is different from traditional adjustment method which uses an adjusting vernier screw.
  • Provided with Circuit Breakers and Error Display Device, easy for maintenance and ideal for application. In case of any failure of an electronic component, the ERROR LED will be lit accompanying with a buzzer sound to notice the operator to check the failure. If necessary, just replace a new fuse of an IC board, the welder can be fixed within minutes
  • Equipped with high precision and stable Roller Guide Rails. More stable than ball-screwed or ball bearing guide rails. No risks of deflection or vibration problem during dowm stroke movement. The most suitable unit for welding the non-flat and/or curved surfaces.
  • Special design of circuits, high output and long service life. It can complete the welding within seconds.


  • Power: 220V x 1Px 50/60 HZ
  • Air supply: 5~8kg/cm2
  • Height adjustable range: Max. 300mm
  • Frequency: 15kHz/ 20kHz
  • Generator: STG/ STPG series
  • Dimension: W404 x D604 x H1120~1520mm
  • Weight: 120kg


  • This can be used in plastic welding, plastic riveting, metal embedding, plastic forming, plastic spot welding, fabric seaming and cutting, plastic vibration and cut etc. It is suitable for electronic, automobile manufacture, electic appliances manufacture, toys, stationery, household utensils, packing, textile, food processing etc., industries.



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